Friday, December 2, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes!

This week was full of cute moments that were too good not to share!! 

Monday the library divas hung some holiday decorations.  One was a fireplace made out of bulletin board paper. Later that afternoon it was pretty wild with lots of students coming and going.  I looked over and saw two first grade students sitting in front of the fireplace flipping through books and discussing their findings.  I just had to smile.  The fireplace is so warm and inviting--who wouldn't want to sit in front of it and read?!?  I only wish I would have taken a picture of the two students as they were reading!  It definitely has to be one of my top 5 favorite moments in the library this year!  This week it has been fun to watch students' reactions to the decorations when they came in.

Glitter on the decorations seems to attract lots of attention.  This week it looks like a glitter ball exploded all over the library.  Beside the fireplace is a Christmas tree filled with sparkly ornaments.  One Kindergarten student has been fascinated with the decorations.  Tuesday I was walking into the library as she was leaving.  Here's the conversation that occurred:
"Miss Stuck, you have glitter on the floor."  -student
"Yep, but it's ok.  It just came from the decorations on the tree.  The glitter falls off of them sometimes."  -me
"I know, because I rubbed them ALL OVER!!!"  -student
As the student told me this, she proudly held up her hand to show me all the glitter on her hand.  I can't decide which was more precious--seeing all of that glitter or seeing the smile on her face because she was so proud of herself!  I tried not to burst out laughing as I reminded her that our hands need to stay off the decorations--otherwise all the glitter will fall off and they'll be plain and boring.  Love this kiddo!

Monday I wore a shirt that says "Santa's Little Helper."  It was a Black Friday deal from Old Navy.  We had a fire drill and I was holding one of the doors open for students.  A 2nd grade class walked by and saw my shirt.  When they came back in the building, one student asked if I'm really Santa's helper, and I said yes.  Then students started saying things like, "Hi, elf" and "Miss Stuck is an elf!"  Finally I told them I was a princess elf.  Now they think I'm watching their behavior and reporting back to Santa.  It's good to be an elf!

My reading babies have made a lot of progress this quarter, and continue to crack me up. This week I got a couple of creative answers on their tests.  The first student had to use the word hatch in a sentence.  He wrote, "The egg had a crack on day one.  On day two it hatched.  Cool!"  Gotta love his voice in this sentence!

Another test question asked students to explain how they figured out the meaning of the word bask.  One girl wrote, "I know what bask means because I used my schema.  I thought when my mom lays in the sun."  What a great answer for a first grader!  By the way, I changed the spelling of the two students' answers, but didn't change any of their words.  Can you tell we like using the word schema instead of background knowledge in class?

Stories like the ones above remind me why I love my job so much!

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